Volume 20, Number 1, 1997



Domestic Drama and Drama of Empire: Intertextuality and the Subaltern Woman in Late Victorian Theatre
Fred Radford

Great Exhibitions: Representations of the Crystal Palace in Mayhew, Dickens, and Dostoevsky
Philip Landon

Groundless Optimism: Regression in the Service of Egos, England and Empire in Victorian Ballooning Memoirs
Elaine Freedgood

Orientalism and Modernity: Tivoli in Copenhagen
Martin Zerlang


Fiona J. Stafford, The Last of the Race: The Growth of a Myth from Milton to Darwin
[David E. Latané, Jr. ]

Amanda Anderson, Tainted Souls and Painted faces: The Rhetoric of Fallenness in Victorian Culture
Elsie B. Mitchie, Outside the Pale: Cultural Exclusion, Gender Difference, and the Victorian Woman Writer
[Catherine Judd]

Alison Yarrington and Kelvin Everest eds., Reflections of Revolution: Images of Romanticism
Robert Brinkley and Keith Hanley, eds., Romantic Revisions
[William Galperin]

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