Volume 20, Number 3, 1997



The Gog and the Magog of Hunnish Desolation: De Quincey, Kant and the Practice of Death
Daniel O'Quinn

The Preface to Lyrical Ballads: Poetics, Poor Laws, and the Bold Experiments of 1797-1802
Scott Boehnen

Pride, Politics and Prejudice
William Christie

Speculative Narratives; Phallic Females and Political Nightmares: The Case of Walter Scott
Jina Politi

Swinburne, The Cross, and the Proliferation of Abjection
David Punter


Karl Kroeber, Ecological Literary Criticism: Romantic Imagining and the Biology of Mind
[Gary Harrison]

Marcus Wood, Radical Satire and Print Culture, 1790-1822
[Thomas H. Schmid]

Priscilla L. Walton, Patriarchal Desire and Victorian Discourse: A Lacanian Reading of Anthony Trollope's Palliser Novels
[Lynette Felber]

Charles Tilly, Popular Contention in Great Britain, 1758-1834
[John Plotz]

Simon Heffer, Moral Desperado: A Life of Thomas Carlyle
[D. J. Trela]

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