Volume 22, Number 1, 2001



Introduction: Histories of the Present
Dianne F. Sadoff and John Kucich

Modernity and Culture, The Victorians and Cultural Studies
John McGowan

At Home in the Nineteenth Century: Photography, Nostalgia, and the Will to Authenticity
Jennifer Green-Lewis

Specters of the Novel: Dracula and the Cinematic Afterlife of the Victorian Novel
Ronald R. Thomas

Found Drowned: The Irish Atlantic
Ian Baucom


Christopher Parker, ed., Gender Roles and Sexuality in Victorian Literature.
[Ann Ardis]

Catherine Gordon. ed., Evelyn De Morgan: Oil Paintings.
Alison Smith, The Victorian Nude: Sexuality, Morality, and Art.
Rosemary Betterton, Intimate Distance: Women, Artists, and the Body.

[Susan P. Casteras]

Petra ten-Doesschate Chu and Gabriel P. Weisberg, eds., The Popularization of Images: Visual Culture under the July Monarchy.
[Robert Hendrick]

Michael Fried, Manet's Modernism: or, The Face of Painting in the 1860s.
[Marjorie Schreiber Kinsey]

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