Volume 23, Number 4, 2001



"C'est du papier ou de l'Historie en marche?": The Revolutionary Compromises of a Martiniquan Homme de Couleur, Cyrille-Charles-Auguste Bissette
Chris Bongie

Child's Place in Nature: Talking Animals in Victorian Children's Fiction
Tess Cosslett

Lost Among White Others: Late-Victorian Lost Race Novels for Boys
Carter F. Hanson


Laura Otis, Membranes: Metaphors of Invasion in Nineteenth-Century Literature, Science, and Politics
[Robert Hendrick]

Sally Shuttleworth, Charlotte Brontë and Victorian Psychology
[Laura E. Haigwood]

John Rieder, Wordsworth's Counterrevolutionary Turn: Community, Virtue, and Vision in the 1790's
Alison Hickey, Impure Conceits: Rhetoric & Ideology in Wordsworth's Excursion
[David Collings]

Stephen Gill, Wordsworth and the Victorians
[David E. Latané, Jr.]

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