Volume 24, Number 1 2002



Upright Citizens on All Fours: Nineteenth-Century Identity and the Image of the Werewolf
Chantal Bourgault du Coudray

Intimations of Mortality: The Malthusian Plot in Early Nineteenth-Century Popular Fiction
Silvana Colella

The Native and the Fop: Primitivism and Fashion in Romantic Rhetoric
Laura George

Swinburne's Serpentine Delights: The Aesthetic Critic and the Old Master Drawings in Florence
Lene Ø

The Power of the English Nineteenth-Century Visual and Verbal Sketch: Appropriation, Discipline, Mastery
Richard Sha


Angela Keane, Women Writers and the English Nation in the 1790's
[Anne K. Mellor]

Allan H. Pasco, Sick Heroes: French Society and Literature in the Romantic Age 1750-1850
[John R. Whittaker]

Michael Benjamin Berger, Thoreau's Late Career and "The Dispersion of Seeds": The Saunterer's Synoptic Vision
[Kendra McSweeney and Kerry McSweeney]

Vera Gottlieb and Paul Allain, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Chekhov
[Michael C. Finke]

Dana Arnold, Re-Presenting the Metropolis: Architecture, Urban Experience and Social Life in London, 1800-1840
[Thad Logan]

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