Volume 24, Number 3 September 2002



"The Laureat Hearse Where Lyric Lies": Hunt, Hazlitt, and the Making of Romantic Apostasy, 1813
Charles Mahoney

'Half Believing, Half Incredulous': Elizabeth Gaskell, Superstition and the Victorian Mind
Louise Henson

Democratic Citizenship In Felix Holt
Colene Bentley

Narrating the (gendered) Nation in Walter Scott's The Heart of Midlothian
Caroline McCraken-Flesher

Consuming Egypt: Appropriation and the Cultural Modalities of Romantic Luxery
Diego Saglia


John Wolffe, Great Deaths: Grieving, Religion, and Nationhood in Victorian and Edwardian Britain
[Stephen C. Behrendt]

Audrey A. Fisch, American Slaves in Victorian England: Abolitionist Politics in Popular Literature and Culture
[Kathryn Gleadle]

Dean de la Motte and Jeannene M. Przyblyski, Making the News: Modernity and the Mass Press in Nineteenth-Century France

[Robert Hendrick]

Christopher Breward, The Hidden Consumer: Masculinities, Fashion and City Life 1860-1914
[Allison Pease]

Talia Schaffer and Kathy Alexis Psomiades, eds., Women and British Aestheticism
Talia Schaffer, The Forgotten Female Aesthetes: Literary Culture in Late Victorian England
[Marysa Demoor]

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