Volume 25, Number 1, March 2003



"A Race of Born Pederasts": Sir Richard Burton, Homosexuality, and the Arabs
Colette Colligan

Harriet Martineau: Gender, Disability and Liability
Susan F. Bohrer

'He Himself with His Human Air': Browning Writes the 'Body of Christ'
Andrew Tate

William Blake and "The Nature of Infinity": Milton's Environmental Poetics
Kevin D. Hutchings


Joseph Bristow, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Poetry
[Dennis Denisoff]

David Nash and Antony Taylor, eds., Republicanism in Victorian Society
[Jock Macleod]

John Schad, Victorians in Theory: Derrida to Browning

[Richard Menke]

Jan-Melissa Schramm, Testimony and Advocacy in Victorian Law, Literature, and Theology
[Christine L. Krueger]

Marlene Tromp, The Private Rod: Marital Violence, Sensation and the Law in Victorian Britain
[Kim Stevenson]

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