Volume 25, Number 2, June 2003



Speaking Volumes: Victorian Feminism and the Appeal of Public Discussion
Janice Schroeder

The Anxiety of "Mosaic" Influence: Thackeray, Disraeli, and Anglo-Jewish Assimilation in the 1840s
Claire Nicolay

The Desire to Deport: The Recidivist of Fin-de-Siècle France
Stephen A. Toth

The Fixed Period (1882): Euthanasia, Cannibalism, and Colonial Extinction in Trollope's Antipodes
Helen Lucy Blythe


Elaine Freedgood, Victorian Writing about Risk: Imagining a Safe England in a Dangerous World
[Julie English Early]

Audrey Jaffe, Scenes of Sympathy: Identity and Representation in Victorian Fiction
[Teresa Mangum]

Wendy Joy Darby, Landscape and Identity: Geographies of Nation and Class in England

[Julia M. Wright]

Josephine M. Guy and Ian Small, Oscar Wilde's Profession: Writing and the Culture Industry in the Late Nineteenth Century
[Frederick S. Roden]

E.S. Burt, Poetry's Appeal: Nineteenth-Century French Lyric and the Political Space
[Suzanne Nash]

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