Volume 26, Number 1, March 2004



Shipping the Bull: Staging Assyria in the British Museum
Shawn Malley

Visionary Desires: Theosophy, Auto-Eroticism and the Seventh Wave Artist in Sarah Grand's The Beth Book
Ann Heilmann

Writing, Death and Absence in Tim by H.O. Sturgis
Neil Cocks

Transgression and Transendence: Flatland as a Response to "A New Philosophy"
K.G. Valente


Pamela J. Walker, Pulling the Devil's Kingdom Down: The Salvation Army in Victorian Britain
[Troy Boone]

Keith Hanley, Wordsworth: A Poet's History
[William Galperin]

Joan Bellamy, Anne Laurence and Gill Perry, eds, Women, Scholarship and Criticism: Gender and Knowledge c. 1790-1900

[Laura Green]

Markman Ellis, The History of Gothic Fiction
[Robert Mighall]

Nicola Brown, Fairies in Nineteenth-Centry Art and Literature
[Carole G. Silver]

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