Volume 26, Number 2, June 2004



A "True Story . . . of Evils Overcome": Sacred Biography, Prophecy, and Colonial Disease in Southey's Tale of Paraguay
Alan Bewell

London Mysteries and International Conspiracies: James, Doyle, and the Aesthetics of Cosmopolitanism
Tanya Agathocleous

"Henceforward I Refuse to Bow the Knee to Their Narrow Rule": Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Belgravia Magazine, Women Readers, and Literary Valuation
Jennifer Phegley

Lover, Mother, Reader: The Epistolary Courtship of Walt Whitman
Suzanne Ashworth


Alan Richardson, British Romanticism and the Science of the Mind
[Roger Luckhurst]

Richard Gravil, ed., Master Narratives: Tellers and Telling in the English Novel
Deidre David, ed., The Cambridge Companion to the Victorian Novel
[Elsie Michie]

Alan Rauch, Useful Knowledge: The Victorians, Morality, and the March of Intellect

[Jennifer Ruth]

Deborah Wynne, The Sensation Novel and the Victorian Family Magazine
[Chris Willis]

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