Nineteenth-Century Contexts


Aims and Scope

Nineteenth-Century Contexts is an international journal (published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis and co-edited in North America and the United Kingdom) committed to interdisciplinary recuperations of "new" nineteenth centuries and their relation to contemporary geo-political developments. This journal challenges traditional modes of categorizing the nineteenth century by engaging innovative contextualizations across a wide spectrum of nineteenth-century experience and the critical disciplines that examine those contextualizations. Articles not only integrate theories and methods of various fields of inquiry--art, history, musicology, science, literary criticism and theory, among others--but test and open up the very limits of disciplinary boundaries. Scope of interest is not confined to any single regional or cultural area, and the relevance of the nineteenth centuries we read about to contemporary political flash points around the world remains a top priority. Interdisciplinary, international, and innovative, Nineteenth-Century Contexts is leading debates about where the next nineteenth centuries will occur.