ND-ABROAD (Across Borders – Respecting Origins – Affirming Dignity) is a student initiative to promote security and dignity abroad through education in true cultural sensitivity.  In “respecting origins,” students must not only learn to be responsive to a host culture’s traditions and beliefs, but also remember to esteem and protect their own values as well.


This project first grew from a concern for better preparation and support for ND students confronting gender issues abroad, and that remains its focus.  Both of us endured similar trials as American women abroad, despite studying and researching on opposite ends of the world.  Learning other students’ stories, we soon found a prevalent problem: complexities of gender and sexuality abroad leave students vulnerable to victimization, self-doubt, and isolation.

ND-ABROAD’s goal is to start the dialogue.  This website and corresponding video were the fruit of animated support from ND’s various international programs.  We are grateful to all for their commitment to the ND ABROAD project: the Office of International Studies, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, Office of Undergraduate Studies-College of Arts and Letters, Office of Student Affairs, Center for Social Concerns, School of Architecture, and Office of the Provost.

If you are a student interested in continuing ND-ABROAD’s mission, please check out materials from the summer 2008 project in the Gender Relations Center library, and speak with Judy Hutchinson and Liz LaFortune (OIS) or Holly Rivers (Kellogg) about your vision for promoting the safety of Notre Dame students abroad. For those headed abroad shortly, congratulations and GOOD LUCK!  For those just returning, welcome back under the Dome.


Cailin Shannon and Molly Hayes, Notre Dame Class of ‘08

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