Did you know that in some cultures:

Eye contact can be a sign of flirting? Casual, non-romantic friendships between men and women are unusual?  An invitation to one’s home is seen as an invitation for sex?  All American women are assumed to be promiscuous? But did you also know that the rate of sexual violence in the United States is, sadly, one of the world’s highest?  You are not putting yourself in extraordinary danger by going abroad.  But you will be quickly recognized as different, and, as a foreigner and therefore as a novelty, you will very likely attract more attention than local women receive.  Inequitable gender treatment can be frustrating for the bright, independent female student, but dangers can arise if you choose to reject custom and work from the assumption that women can (and should) do anything that men can do.  Of course, gender issues also impact male students—Notre Dame men must learn new rules for appropriate interactions, and remember that they too can be potential targets for unwanted sexual contact.

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tips for navigating amidst unfamiliar gender complexities

an overview of cultural complications you may encounter

prepare with confidence, and find support
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