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Ethics 101 for Job Applicants and Recruiters

Marketing Professor Patrick E. Murphy ('70) remembers the day he ran into a student who was on his way to accept a job. The student told Murphy he was accepting this offer, but he really was waiting for another company's offer, which he planned on taking in the end.

“I told him not to accept (the first) job, that he should ask for more time, or say no,” Professor Murphy recalls.

These types of exchanges with students—and a survey showing that only one in 20 corporate recruiters include ethics inquiries when interviewing—concerned him.

Now Murphy has put together a brief guide on ethics for the recruitment process—for job seekers and recruiters. The guide includes sample questions that recruiters and job seekers can pose during an interview, as well as a list of unethical behaviors to be avoided.

The two-sided guides are being distributed to Notre Dame students and recruiters through college and university career centers and more widely by project co-sponsors, the Ethics Resource Center Fellows Program, the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics and Notre Dame's Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide.

The ethics guide is also available in pdf format by clicking: Ethics Guide

—Paige Risser


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