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$15 Million Challenge Grants to Further College Mission

Gifts from Hank family and MacNeal Foundation

—Mary Hamann


Bill Hank (’54) and Luke McGuinness (‘66) have been friends and colleagues for more than 25 years. While managing a successful banking and real estate holding company in the Chicago area, Hank joined the board of MacNeal Hospital, a health system led by McGuinness. Together, they helped build the hospital into a top-rated facility. When they sold the health system in 2000, they used the proceeds to launch the MacNeal Health Foundation, a charitable enterprise.

Now Hank and McGuinness are teaming up to support the Mendoza College of Business. In an announcement made at last fall’s Business Advisory Council meeting, the Hank Family pledged $10 million and the MacNeal Health Foundation pledged $5 million in challenge grants to the Mendoza College. Because the gifts are contingent upon matching contributions from Notre Dame alumni and friends, Hank is hoping the gifts will have double the impact and that a total of $30 million will be raised. The MacNeal Health Foundation also pledged an additional $5 million to Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies.

Hank views the Mendoza College as poised for excellence in both undergraduate and graduate business education. “If you take the leadership that Carolyn Woo has brought here in extending the breadth of this college, and recent faculty additions, you’ve got all the ingredients to make this a premier business school,” said Hank.

In addition, Hank and his wife Joan are deeply committed to furthering Catholic education. “Without qualified lay leadership, the church is not going to prosper as it should and could,” said Joan Hank, who praised recent College outreach efforts such as the Catholic Charities leadership program.

But then, again, Bill and Joan Hank have some reasons close to home for their dedication to Notre Dame—9 reasons in fact! All five of their children are Notre Dame graduates as are three of their children’s spouses. And their oldest grandchild, Michael Stark, will join Notre Dame’s class of 2009. “I want to emphasize that Notre Dame has given our family a lot more than we have given back to Notre Dame,” said Hank. Luke McGuinness’ daughter Gretchen (’91) is also an ND alumnus.

“To implement our plans for innovative curriculum development, faculty recruitment and student and alumni services,” said Dean Woo, “we need to take bold actions made possible by supporters who believe in us and share our vision. Bill and Joan Hank, their children, Luke McGuinness, and the MacNeal Foundation have committed to us in ways that humble me and inspire me.”


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