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During the height of recruiting season, Brian Lohr personally connects with more than 10,000 prospective MBAs. Once the new class arrives, Lohr gets to know each and every one.

The Scoop on the MBA Class of 2006

By Peggy Bolstetter


Robert L. Hutchinson (MBA '03) chats with Brian Lohr (MNA '03)

Average GMAT, GPA, work experience? Any one of a dozen publications can tell you that. But if you really want to get to know the Notre Dame MBA Class of 2006, spend a few moments with Brian Lohr (MNA ’03), senior associate director of MBA program admissions.

There is the class member who lived in Edgar Allan Poe’s house when she was a child; there’s the student who won the national roller skate championship in Chile when he was 12, and the one who shared Thanksgiving dinner with JFK’s sister, Jean, at her home while she was ambassador to Ireland. There’s the student who speaks Konkani (Indian dialect). And then there is the student originally from Hawaii, who was married in Old Quebec City in a chapel made completely of ice and honeymooned in the adjacent ice hotel.

For Lohr, who has been recruiting students to the MBA program since 1997, it is not just about numbers and it’s not just about what type of student the candidate will be for the next two years—although it is important that the recruit fit the ethos of the University. It is also about what type of alumnus that person will be for the next 40 years.

Of course, Lohr has stories of his own. There’s the one about his dad, “a subway alum,” driving the family all over the country from their home in southern Florida to see Notre Dame play football. Brian Lohr’s first game was in Iowa City, when he was five. And there’s the one about receiving a birthday present from football captain Steve Orsini in 1978, the year ND beat Texas for the national championship.

Lohr says he always wanted to be a part of this university. “I think that enthusiasm about being in a place that you truly love just comes out,” he says. “Whenever I walk the campus on Fridays during home games and I see those kids throwing the ball, I stop and throw the ball with them...and if I’ve got something, a pin or whatever, I give it to them.”

And getting back to the Class of 2006, there’s the student who climbed the Rock of Gibraltar and let monkeys pick through his hair...

—Peggy Bolstetter is the associate editor of this magazine.

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