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New MBA Curriculum

As Notre Dame MBA rankings rise, the school is launching a new MBA curriculum starting in Summer 2005, offering rigorous coursework, integrative learning, values-based leadership, and off-shore study.

“From the outset, we wanted to develop a curriculum that could take us to the next level,” said Associate Dean Ed Conlon, who spearheaded the effort. “We looked at what the other quality programs were doing...We also talked at length with recruiters to identify both how they currently perceived our strengths and weaknesses and also what competencies they would most value in our graduates.”

Two seven-week modules separated by a one-week segment and break week (7-1-1-7) will replace the traditional semester construct, providing students greater flexibility in choosing courses. Students may take electives or study abroad during the one-week break and one-week interim session, traveling to Europe or China. A seven-week study option in Santiago, Chile, will continue to be available.

Classes being added to the curriculum include: cost accounting, a second finance course, integrative problem solving, leadership, values in decision making, presentation communications, strategic information technology, and a non-credit professional development seminar.

An MBA curriculum review has been ongoing for a few years, culminating in 2004 with fact finding by the Academic Affairs Committee of the MBAA, “exit” focus groups with graduating students, faculty surveys, deliberations by the MBA Curriculum Committee, and approval of a new curriculum by the College Council in October.

“I feel that the program is poised to produce a next great wave of business leaders who are both ready to solve problems and ready to serve humanity,” Conlon said.

—Rachel Reynolds

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