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CFOs At Notre Dame

The Mendoza College of Business hosted its inaugural Notre Dame Chief Financial Officer Forum on October 20–22, 2005. More than 30 CFOs participated in roundtables and panel discussions examining topics such as “The CFO in a Sarbanes-Oxley Era” and “Attributes, Skills and Preparation of the Chief Financial Officer.” Of these CFOs, 24 were graduates of Notre Dame.

Keynote speakers were Pat McCartan (’56), senior partner of Jones, Day and chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Notre Dame, and Keith Sherin (’81), executive vice president and CFO of General Electric Company.

Notre Dame has a rich tradition of producing CFOs, and their expertise provides development and networking opportunities for alumni and students. University financial services alumni as well as Notre Dame MBA, finance and accountancy students listened and asked questions during the panel discussions.


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