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Relevant Talks

The ND Cognitive Science Interest Group has been meeting continuously since Fall, 1999.  Below is a list of upcoming presentations in the general area of cognitive science, cognitive psychology or neuroscience.   Usually, these talks feature short presentations (about 30 to 45 min.) by ND faculty or graduate students from different departments on campus, or visitors to campus.  

Cognitive Studies Group Meetings at Noon in B16 Haggar Hall

 Day   Presenter  Topic


Alexis Thompson


Alexis Chambers

Susam Gundersen



Jill Lany TBD


WonJae Shin TBD


Greg Davis TBD

Conversations on Brain, Mind & Behavior Group Meetings 

 Day   Presenter  Topic Place
3/2/12 Nathan Spreng Functional neuroanatomy of self-projection: Autobiographical and social contributions to imagination 212 Haggar @ noon
3/29/12 Wen Li (University of Wisconsin) Threat Encoding in the Sensory Brain--A Neurosensory Model of Emotion Processing 3:30 PM, Haggar 212
3/30/12 Catherine Reed (Claremont McKenna College) The Body’s Impact on Spatial Attention Noon, Haggar B16
4/12/12 Bob Stickgold

Sleep, Memory, and Dreams:  Creating the Meaning in Our Lives  View abstract

5-6 PM, DBRT 155
4/23/12 Patrick Bateson

Plasticity and robustness in cognitive development

4:30 in Haggar 117
4/24/12 Patrick Bateson

The active role of behaviour in evolution

View abstracts

4:00 in Galvin 228



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