Policy for Freimann Life Science Center

                       As of November 2011, the CTSI (Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute) required that all participating units have policies in place. This policy can be printed from our SOP Download page located HERE in either Word document format or as Adobe Acrobat .pdf. All researchers using FLSC services should be familiar with this policy. For additional information, contact Dr. Mark Suckow in the FLSC office.  For your convenience, the policy is included below.

Freimann Life Science Center Policies


It is the policy of FLSC to maintain confidentiality with respect to work by investigators. In cases where potential collaboration exists with other laboratories, the PI would first be contacted to assure that sharing of information is acceptable. Outside regulatory and accrediting agencies, and the IACUC are provided with sufficient information to assure regulatory compliance.

Conflict resolution

Disagreements and or disputes over use of equipment or access to the FLSC resources, or for intellectual input and authorship will be raised with the FLSC Director (Mark Suckow) for resolution. The Director will work with all parties to identify a mutually-agreeable solution. The Core Advisory Committee will be convened to mediate the dispute if a mutually agreeable solution is not achieved within 30 days of the dispute notification to the Liaison.

With due process and considering all sides in the dispute as presented by involved parties, the director, or Advisory Committee if it is involved in the dispute, will provide a reasonable and workable solution and will make available resources as possible to act on the recommended solution. If the solution is not accepted by any of the involved investigators, the matter will be referred to the respective university administrative structures for resolution.

Cost Recovery/Payment Policies

The FLSC is funded through a university authorized charge back system that includes recovery of expenses for supplies, personnel, and equipment needed to conduct requested work. For initiation of services, a valid account number must be provided; and additional service or resource access will be provided to investigators in arrears. Please contact the FLSC Office at 574/631-6085, for information on current pricing.             

Prioritization of work

Access to the FLSC is provided in a way that assures University of Notre Dame first priority. Users associated with CTSI receive second priority, and outside users receive third priority. In the event of equal-level users seeking the same resource, access will be provided on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Publication and Authorship

All research and service work performed by the FLSC should be acknowledged in all ensuing publications. Fees paid for services provided by the FLSC do not negate the expectation of co-authorship by FLSC scientists. These acknowledgements are important for the existence and continued support of the FLSC. Given that many procedures and services provided by the FLSC require specialized expertise and intellectual contribution, it is expected that this acknowledgement will be in the form of co-authorship. 

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