As FLSC updates, modifies, and refines standard operating procedures, we will make available those changes to the researchers at the university. To facilitate the dissemination of this information the revised SOPs will be available in pdf format and printable from this page. Click on the links below to access the updated materials of your choice. New and updated policies will also be available as printed copies at the information center just inside the FLSC foyer for a 1 - 3 month period. 


            FLSC has adopted a new Technical Assistance Policy for the scheduling of technical services performed by FLSC technical staff. This document contains information on scheduling procedures and the associated costs. FLSC continues to be able to provide routine services without an associated technician time charge within the provisions of the new policy.  The document is available on the SOP Download page as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf)


           The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee has revised the several policies listed below. All Investigators are responsible for being familiar with these policies and providing the information to their lab personnel.

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