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The goals of this Program are to develop and acquire materials supporting animal research for distribution to the public, implement a program to inform the public and distribute materials in support of medical research using animals, evaluate the effectiveness of the outreach efforts and to share information and resources with similar groups at other institutions. FLSC participates in the SOUND program (Science Outreach-University of Notre Dame).  Our program is for ages K-12. We incorporate (1) materials and discussions of animal use in biomedical research and (2) career oriented materials and discussions on the field of veterinary medicine. We have developed presentations that are age appropriate for each grade level. We encourage participation by including live animals in our presentations. Our programs for Kindergarten and 2nd grade were developed at FLSC. We also use materials developed by the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research, American Veterinary Medical Association, Department of Health and Human Services and the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
In an effort to inform and educate the public about research in general and at Notre Dame specifically, FLSC established a Community Outreach Committee (COC). The goals of the COC are to develop and acquire material in support of animal research,  develop and implement programs for distribution of information to the public, and serve as a liaison with similar groups at other institutions to share information and resources. In addition the COC evaluates the effectiveness of
outreach activities.  The COC visits  area schools and groups throughout the year. The COC began collecting data on the number of schools, students, teachers, and parents that participated in our outreach activities in 1997. Since 2000 we have made over 70 school visits, presented programs to almost 8700 students and over 2500 teachers and parents. Events held in 2010 included Expanding Your Horizons conference for middle school girls, facility tours for elementary through college groups, presentations at schools and Biology Club's Rat Dissection Night. We are making plans for 2011 events. If you would like to schedule a visit to your classroom, school, club, organization, or science/animal related event contact Valerie Schroeder at 1-6087 or e-mail  her at Schroeder.1@ or

A School Visit

FLSC has developed curriculum specifically for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades.  We have presentations about Science Fairs, Careers in Veterinary Technology, Veterinary Medicine, and Laboratory Animal Science for all other grade levels.  FLSC staff would like to speak at your child's school about
careers, research or pet & animal care.
· For more information contact: Valerie Schroeder at 1-6087 or e-mail  her at Schroeder.1@

LOBUND-Wistar rats in an enrichment tubeBunnyRat in an enrichment toy

SOUND: Science Outreach University of Notre Dame

At the University of Notre Dame, scientists in the College of Science occasionally visit local area schools and invite teachers and students to make on-campus laboratory visits to promote their fields of study.  FLSC participates in the SOUND program.
· For more information contact: Karen Morris : 631-6945

EYH girls listen to heartbeat of a ratEYH presentation for 6th - 8th gr. girlsEYH girl compairs her heart rate to a rat's heart rate

Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics

FLSC participates as presenters for this national organization promoting science and math to middle school age girls. The program is held on the Notre Dame campus annually every spring.
· For more information contact: Karen Morris : 631-6945

ETHOS: Encouraging Technology and Hands On Science

FLSC has presented at the ETHOS Science Spooktacular for 3 years allowing children and adults the opportunity to see, hear and touch common laboratory animals and learn how those animals help improve the health of both humans and other animals.
· For more information contact Patsy Boehler, Executive Director at or visit the ETHOS website


FLSC has in conjunction with the campus Biology Club, been part of the University's Geek Week for the past 2 years.
For Notre Dame students who love science, the second annual Geek Week is a series of exciting and fun science and math related events.
Geek Week brings students who are interested in different areas of science together to do ‘geeky’ activities. Geek Week activities have included a dissection night sponsored by the Biology Club, chemistry demonstrations, laser demonstrations by the Physics Club and  Sudoku challenges sponsored by the Math Club.
· For more information contact one of  the campus science discipline clubs for more information                                                                                                                                                            

Pre Vet Club Advisor:

FLSC Associate Director, Kay Stewart, serves as the Pre Vet Club advisor.  In this capacity she is able to assist students with curriculum selection, work experience requirements, and the application process for veterinary school.  Contact FLSC if you are interested in becoming a veterinarian and are a high school senior or enrolled at the University of Notre Dame.
· For more information contact Kay Stewart, RVT, RLATG, CMAR. at phone:  631-6086  or  e-mail her at

Pre Vet Club members visit the rhinosThe Pre Vet Club nose to nose with giraffes

Freimann Life Science Center can be contacted at :
phone:  574-631-6085
FAX : 574-631-4519
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