Freimann Life Science Center Staff Assignments for 2011

The facility continues to change to meet the needs of Notre Dame’s research community.  In 2005, FLSC changed the management paradigm to improve
communication and coordination of FLSC services to animals, researchers and students.  Below are the current listings of the FLSC management team.  Please
contact us with any concerns, requests or questions you might have.

Freimann Life Science Center can be contacted at :
400 Freimann Life Science Center
Notre Dame, IN   46556
phone:  574-631-6085
FAX : 574-631-4519

                                                 Director of FLSC                                                                       Associate Director of FLSC
                                                 Mark A. Suckow, DVM                                                               Kay L. Stewart, RVT, RLATG, CMAR
                                                 office: 631-5393                                                                           office: 631-6086
                                                 e-mail:                                                            e-mail:

                                                FLSC Office                                                                               Facility Manager
                                                Receptionist                                                                                  Vicki M. Mack, RLATG
                                                office: 631-6085                                                                           office: 631-5686
                                                e-mail:                                                      e-mail:

                                                Technical Services and Training                                                Facility Manager
                                                 Valerie A. Schroeder, RVT, RLATG                                             Victoria E. Western, RVT, RLATG
                                                 office: 631-6087                                                                          office: 631-5044
                                                 e-mail:                                                        e-mail:

Freimann Life Science Center can be contacted at :
phone:  574-631-6085
FAX : 574-631-4519
Last Updated 1/31/13

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