The FLSC newsletter was first published on February 26, 2001.  The FLSC newsletter was published monthly as a resource for Staff, Students and Faculty involved in animal research.  The goals of the newsletter were to inform PIs and all those working in their laboratories of changes in FLSC policy, remind them of safety issues, and provide information on a variety of pertinent topics.  The newsletter featured articles on Standard Operating Procedures, education opportunities, outreach activities, and animal related issues.
        To facilitate locating important changes to Standard Operating Procedures, a new page is available: the SOP Update page. This page will highlight any changes to SOPs that directly impact lab personnel or affect animal protocols.

        We will continue to publish the newsletter every 6 months, with new Newsletters in March and September of every year. Past Newsletters will still be available for viewing in the Newsletter Archive. Newsletters will be sent to all Principle Investigators or their Lab Managers for distribution to their personnel.

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