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        The Word of the Day is a training tool implemented at FLSC to assist our staff in becoming fluent in the languages of  research,  medicine and  animal care. We have included the Word of the Day on our web site as a reference for our staff.  Each working day a new vocabulary word is introduced on the board in the FLSC foyer.  At FLSC staff meetings, a quiz on Word of the Day is given with a traveling prize awarded to the individual with the highest score. Eek and Squeak are 2013's traveling trophy. The quiz winners will vie to give Eek and Squeak  permanent homes at the end of the year.  For a clue to the bonus word or Tie Breaker on this month's quiz, search the archives for the wagging dog!  We welcome all life-long learners to enjoy the FLSC Word of the Day.

November 2013   "Only true love's first kiss will awaken her."          
Date                Word    Definition
11/1/2013      kiss                   the pressing of two surfaces together
11/4/2013      conscious         capable of responding to sensory stimuli
11/5/2013      sleep                 a period of rest for body and mind
11/6/2013      oscitate            to yawn
11/7/2013      apnea               cessation of breathing
11/8/2013      coma                state of unconsciousness
11/11/2013    oscultate           to kiss
11/12/2013    apogee             the state of greatest severity of a disease
11/13/2013    trance               a profound or abnormal sleepwith the loss of voluntary movement
11/14/2013    stare                a fixed unblinking gaze
11/15/2013    arousal             a state of resposiveness to sensory stimulation
11/18/2013    pupillotonia    a pupil which responds in a slow delayed manner to stimuli
11/19/2013    alert                  quick to percieve and react
11/20/2013    supine              lying on the back with the face upward
11/21/2013    pandiculation    the act of stretching and yawning simultaneously
11/22/2013    knismogenic    producing a tickling sensation
11/25/2013    refractory          not readily yeilding to treatment
11/26/2013    awake              to bring back to consciousness
11/27/2013    mithridatism    acquire immunity to effects of a poison by ingesting gradually increasing amounts
2003 Trophy    Gene the Mouse
2004 Trophy    Itchy and Scratchy
2005 Trophy    Frisco the Horse
2006 Trophy    Fanny Flea
2007 Trophy    Howlie the Monkey
2008 Trophy    General Bear
2009 Trophy    Flying Monkey
2010 Trophy    McLovin the Frog
2011 Trophy    George Wellington III (a very good rabbit)
2012 Trophy    Evil "Knevil" Monkey
2013 Trophy    Eek and Squeak

WOTD Trophy


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