Word of the Day Quiz Answers

      September  2013  Answers  



1.         Debridement is:

            a.         another term for divorce

            b.         a runaway bride

            c.         taking a bridle off a horse      

            d.         removal of dead tissue and foreign material from a wound


2.         Inflammation is:

            a.         a localized protective response of tissues

            b.         a class of chemicals that requires storage in a fire cabinet

            c.         what happens to a house during a fire

            d.         irritation due to contact with chemicals


3.         Sanitation is:

            a.         presence in the blood of pathogens or their toxins

            b.         to mix disinfectant chemicals with water

            c.         environmental conditions favorable to public health

            d.         to contain bacteria in soiled bedding


4.         Dehiscence is:

            a.         removal of the ability of a cat to hiss

            b.         the splitting open of a wound

            c.         removal of foreign substances regarded are pathogenic

            d.         the spitting that occurs when a cat hisses


5.         T          F          Hygiene is the science of disease and its eradication.


6.         T          F          A pathogen is any microorganism.


7.         Match the following with the best definition.

            _C__ virocide             a.  an agent that destroys a fungus

            _A__ fungicide           b.  freedom from infection

            _D__ bacteriostatic     c.  an agent that destroys a virus

            _B__ asepsis               d.  inhibits the growth or multiplication of bacteria


8.         Bacteriocidal means:

            a.         capable of sustaining bacterial cultures

            b.         capable of killing bacteria

            c.         capable of transferring bacteria to other surfaces

            d.         capable of arresting the growth of bacteria


9.         Sterilization is:

            a.         the heating of steam

            b.         the arresting of multiplication of bacteria

            c.         the rendering of pathogens inert or reducing their numbers

            d.         the complete elimination of microbial viability


10.       T          F          An autoclave needs steam and chemical sterilants to work.


Bonus:   Excoriation is ___ abrasion of the skin through mechanical means (scratching)________

Tie Breaker:  Mesocrietus auratus is the Latin name for __hamsters______________



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