How to help out our cause

  • Eager to learn more about NTDs and share your knowledge with others? Join our newly-formed Education Committee to work on exciting new projects to increase the club's knowledge base to make us more effective advocates on campus and beyond. Email Chris Wynkoop ( or Emmie Mediate (, co-chairs of the Education Committee, to learn more.
  • Budding artists, graphic designers, and marketing managers: we need YOU for our Publicity and Awareness Committee! Contact Matt Devine ( and get your creative juices flowing.
  • Have a knack for organization and planning ahead? Email Katy Gorentz ( to join our Events Committee to plan fun and informative concerts, fundraisers, and awareness events at Notre Dame.
  • I see you, finance and accounting majors¦ and so does Mike McCurrie (, our treasurer! Get some great experience for your resume and work on becoming a better person in the process by helping us make $$$ for NTDs. Not a bad bottom line!
  • Are you a people person? Do you just love ND alumni more than anyone else in the whole world? And do you want to spread awareness of NTDs beyond our campus? Sarah Lovejoy (, chair of the Outreach Committee, is your gal.
  • Pre-med or just plain interested in global health? Pretty much any way you get involved in ND Fighting NTDs will broaden your knowledge of the subject matter, look great on your resume, and give you a warm, tingly feeling inside. For more specifics, talk to Stephanie McKay ( and Jake Coleman (, the Spring 2012 ND Fighting NTDs co-presidents.