During the main academic year the Fischer Hall is open at the following times: 7.00am to 4.00am

Anyone wishing to enter or stay in the building after 6.30pm must register their presence at reception, and sign out upon leaving the building.

Entrance to the building will not be permitted after 3.00 am so that security personnel can begin the process of closing the building. At approximately 3.30 am, security personnel will make final patrols of the building to ensure that each room is vacated. To assist in this process, we ask that you begin exiting the building, including rearranging furniture and disposing of any trash, no later than 3.45 am and exit the building by 4.00 am.

From 12 am, the outer door of Fischer Hall will be closed, but not locked.  If you wish to enter after midnight, please close the outer door behind you.

We recommend that students leaving Fischer Hall late at night either take a taxi or walk back to Conway Hall in groups of three or more. Security personnel can assist with calling taxis.

Opening hours vary during the summer session, Christmas and Easter vacations, and some other public holidays.

Entry at all times is by means of a proximity card system using pass cards issued in London. Students and faculty must show ND ID on request.

Students must leave the building at closing time upon the instructions of the security staff. The intruder alarm system is set at this time and movement detectors are in place which will alert the police.