Fischer Hall

The University of Notre Dame's Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall occupies an imposing building of some 27,000 square feet at the north-west corner of Trafalgar Square. It is home to a number of University of Notre Dame academic programs, and hosts a range of academic conferences and meetings.

The London Centre

The London Undergraduate Program, the Undergraduate London Summer Program, and the Engineering Summer Program between them offer over 350 Notre Dame undergraduate students the opportunity to study in London for periods of between four months and four weeks.

The Notre Dame Law Centre, which runs both semester long, year-long and summer programs, has permanent facilities in the building and is the only study abroad program to be fully accredited by the Association of American Law Schools and the American Bar Association.

The academic conferences and meetings hosted by the University at Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall are usually affiliated with the University of Notre Dame, although other academic, professional, and Church-related organizations who share Notre Dame’s broader mission are also encouraged to use the facility.

Notre Dame would like to invite more faculty members to get to know our Suffolk Street facility, by organizing and hosting academic conferences in this "satellite campus" in the heart of London. Support for conference organization is readily available on campus to launch this process, through the Director of Academic Conferences, Ms. Harriet Baldwin ( For more information, click here:

In furthering Notre Dame’s ambition to have a truly global presence, the London team are committed to developing activities that will raise the profile of the University in Europe and promote its interests to the wider world.