The London Centre is pleased to host several summer programs each year.

London Undergraduate Summer Program

The London Undergraduate Summer Program offers Notre Dame undergraduates (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors) the opportunity to take two three-credit courses while in London.

All students will live together in Conway Hall, and all classes will be held in Notre Dame’s Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall, located in the heart of London, by Trafalgar Square. Some courses on the LSP will involve field trips that take place within class time; the Program will also offer various optional day-trips on the weekends (at additional cost) and allows for one four-day long weekend for independent travel.

For full information, please see the Undergraduate London Summer Program's webpage.

Engineering Summer Program

The Summer Engineering Program in London offers students a unique educational opportunity. During the six-week program, students will be exposed to cutting-edge technological achievements. They will explore the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, a significant chapter in the history of technology, and they will experience life in the United Kingdom and other European countries both in and out of the classroom.

All Notre Dame engineering students entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year are encouraged to apply to the Summer Engineering Program in London.

For full information, please see the Summer Engineering Program's webpage.

Law Summer Program

The Law Summer Program, open to all graduates in law, usually has about one hundred participants. Faculty come not only from universities in the UK but also from the USA and Australia. Students can dine at one of the Inns of Court and attend other events relevant to the cultural life of London.

For full information, please see the Law Summer Program's webpage.