Middle Common RoomIn addition to libraries, offices and classrooms, Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall also offers a range of recreational facilities. Lounges are provided for each of the main groups who use the building.

Undergraduates have their own Junior Common Room in the basement of the building with a kitchen, vending machines and a full-size table tennis table.

Also in the basement are changing rooms and showers, as well as lockers for the safe storage of personal possessions.

Graduate students have their own Middle Common Room on the ground floor with its own television, VCR, and dvd player.

The Senior Common Room, also on the ground floor, is usually reserved for use by staff and faculty, but is regularly opened up for receptions and other large gatherings.

Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall also has a small inner courtyard which is accessed through the basement. This area has been landscaped and provides a peaceful, sheltered outdoor space for users of the building. Visitors to the building are reminded that the courtyard is the only place where smoking is permitted on the Suffolk Street site.