Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall is not responsible for personal property left on the premises. Items should not be left unattended in classrooms or anywhere else in the building. Particular attention should be paid to handbags, wallets, laptops, and other valuables.

All University members must display their Notre Dame ID cards on entering Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall, and it is recommended that they are worn visibly at all times when moving around the building.

All American institutions in London are potential targets for terrorist attacks. Students should refrain from presenting a particularly noticeable American profile, for example, standing on the street drinking Cola and wearing clothes that explicitly identify them as US citizens. Wearing sweatshirts or t-shirts with 'Fighting Irish' printed on them is strongly discouraged.

No unattended packages, parcels or luggage should be left in, or outside, Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall. They are a security hazard and the police will remove any such items.