Conway Hall

From Fall 2011, students in the London UndergraduateProgram will live at the new University residence, Conway Hall. Conway Hall is located at one end of Waterloo Bridge, a short walk from the London Centre through London's South Band area.

Students will be given their housing allocations before departure.

British electrical outlets run on 220-240 volts whereas American electrical outlets run on 120 volts. British plugs are also a different shape. For these reasons, we suggest that students do not bring any electrical appliances with them. If they do, they will need to purchase an adapter plug and a converter, which can be expensive. Also, experience has shown that many converters or adapters purchased in the USA do not work well in the UK. Converters and adapters can be purchased in London, but, given the expense, students would be better advised to leave electrical items at home.

The best policy is to bring a battery-operated clock and then buy a blow-dryer with roommates on arrival in London. There may even be a few small appliances left over from the previous semester. (Students donate these appliances to the Program on departure because they will not work back in the USA.)

Can I get into the flats early?
No. Students arriving on their own must arrive at the flats between 9.30am and 12.00noon on the day when the group flights arrive. Students arriving early must arrange for their own accommodation and luggage storage.

Can I stay in the flats later?
No. The flats close on the day when the group flight departs. Students staying late must arrange for their own accommodation and luggage storage.

Can I store luggage at the flats?
No. There are, however, luggage storage facilities at the airports, some major train stations, and at other locations around London.

How does one send packages to the flats?
Regular mail can be sent to the flats. Packages, or anything that needs to be signed for should be sent to the London Centre, addressed to "J Domer, London Undergraduate Program". If personal items (for example, clothing or contact lenses) are being sent, note on the Customs Declaration that the package "contains US goods that are for temporary import only, to be returned to the USA." If the items are "used goods", this fact should also be noted on the Customs Declaration. If a Care Package is being sent, indicate that the contents are "dried food goods." The package can be sent as a "gift" with a low value.

How does one send flowers or candy to a student? Can the Program order a birthday cake to be delivered to a student?
No, we do not arrange for delivery of any items to a student. Several local grocery stores, such as Tesco, have bakeries and florists. They will take online orders and deliver to the student's flat.