IT at Conway Hall

The flats are equipped with a wi-fi network and details on how to use the wifi and printers at Conway Hall can be found at this OIT page.

Personal Laptops

Students should ensure that their laptops are adequately covered by their insurance policy for travel overseas.

Students bringing laptops to London should bear in mind that British electrical outlets run on 220-240 volts whereas American electrical outlets run on 120 volts. British plugs are also a different shape to American plugs.

Most laptops run on direct current, so they come with transformers that convert alternating current into direct current. If you look on the power supply that came with your laptop, you will see (probably in very small print) some specifications concerning an input voltage range.

If your power supply indicates that it can accept an input voltage range from 100 to 240 volts, then you do not need to buy a new transformer to use your laptop in London. All you will need is a plug adapter which lets you insert an American-style 2- or 3-prong plug on one side, and in turn plugs into a British-style 3-prong outlet on the other side. In short, the voltage is not usually a problem, but the difference in the shape of the electrical plugs is. Experience has shown that some converters bought in the USA do not work in the UK, so we recommend that converters should be purchased in the UK. These can be purchased at any pharmacy or electronics store.

If your power supply can accept an input voltage range of only 100-120 volts, then you will need to buy a power transformer as well. These can be purchased at an electronics store (preferably in the UK) or at an airport.