Immersion opportunities

This section of our site is under development - if you are an LUP student, past or present, you can help us by letting us know what you've found, and what you want to find!


The LUP strongly encourages students to reach out, to dig in, and to seek opportunities to immerse themselves in London life.

Accademic opportunities, such as internships, or independent study projects, must be arranged before leaving the USA. (See 'Special Opportunities' on the ND Profile page.)

Students who are with us on a 'Tier 4' visa may wish to speak to one of the rectors about volunteering opportunities. Sadly, American students who travel on 6-month tourist visas are not eligible for any kind of work, including volunteer work. (Students traveling on non-USA passports should check their entry visa restrictions)

Students already in London might consider:

      • joining a not-for-credit evening class (Floodlight is an excellent resource for finding classes all over the city) or keep up your langauge skills with a language conversation partner.
      • becoming a regular member of a congregation or worship group
      • joining a church choir, or a choral society (such as this one in Islington)
      • Signing up for Associate Membership at ULU, and joining a student's group at the University of London's Union.
      • joining a reading group, a writing group, photography group, or other group or society relating to a personal interest.
      • how about a walking group, like the London Strollers or the Metropolitan Walkers?
      • try out for a sports team - whatever your sport, it's sure to be being played somewhere in London, and we'll help you find it.
      • joining a local gym, or running group.
    As always, we remind students to take sensible precautions - if you're meeting with someone you don't know, do so in a public place; let someone know where you're going and when you expect to be back; if you are unsure about a location, deal, etc, speak to one of the rectors.