About us

What we want to do with House of Music is unite the music scene at Notre Dame. Musicians from all over campus participate in events organized by the HoM such as jam sessions, concerts, music sharing sessions, and production tutorials. Although many of our participants are musicians, you DON'T have to be a musician to join and participate in our events (really, we're not just saying that). All you need is a passion for music. We have many events that non-musicians can participate in, including concert trips and music lessons for beginners.

Although we organize events, the House of Music's main purpose is to create a medium through which musicians can interact with each other. For many of us, especially freshmen working on re-getting-out-of-their-shell, meeting musicians or people into music can be incredibly difficult at first. Many people who leave bands in high school to go to college find it difficult to start up again unless they happen to meet the right people. With HoM, everyone who has a passion for music can be found in one place.

Many of ND's notable student bands are a part of the House of Music, and event organizers look to our club for student performers. We are currently in the process of creating a directory which will help make this even easier (email us if you are interested in adding yourself or your band). We don't want the directory to be just for "official" events though. What we want is for the kind of people who have a great idea but don't have a guitarist to be able to find exactly what they need, and maybe make a few friends along the way.

Also, because it seems people into electronic/DJ music get confused, House of Music DOES include electronic musicians. Plenty of members perform electro/hip hop/production-based music, and many of us (me especially) love this kind of music. No judging here.

If you want to become a member or join our email list, simply email us (see above link) and let us know. It's never too late to join.