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Kevin Wern: DJ/Producer/Whatever comes up.

Instruments: viola, violin, guitar, drums, bass, piano, scroll pad and keyboard.
Interests: Whatever avoids buying expensive consoles and synthesizers. Currently electronic/production-based music (i.e. breakbeat, dubstep).
Influences/Likes: Skream, Goldie, Daft Punk, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Baths, Syd Barrett, Skrillex (don't kill me for that), Fatboy Slim.
Website: None, working on it.
Even though my primary interest is electronic music, my interests change all the time. In terms of band music, I'm normally into rock, progressive (metal), and funk.


Need cash? Sick of going home drunk and alone? Enjoy pre-gaming the pre-game? Play drums?

I thought you'd say so. We're a 4 piece band of seniors looking to add a drummer- any class year will do. We're playing mostly standard bar band fare (RHCP, Beatles, Sublime, etc.) and are looking to get paid gigs in the area. Possibility of writing our own material as well. A drummer with a drumset on campus is a plus but not a must. Send an e-mail to when you're ready.

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