You Are My Heart story
Jay Neugeboren

Inheritance; Photographer; The First Days poetry
W.S. Merwin

Pentecost poetry
R.T. Smith

Keepsakes: A Pocket Guide; Industrial Relics, Station Square poetry
Robert Gibb

Beyond Rubies; The Invention of Comfort; Destruction poetry
Sarah Lindsay

The Crane among its Minions; And Now for Something
Completely Different; Dear V.M.
William Logan

Judgment Day; Sara Conversazione poetry
Peg Boyers

Ww poetry
Andrew Osborn

Futebol Professional Feminino personal essay
Gwendolyn Oxenham

Three to Get Ready poetry
Michael Anania

Who's Your Friend poetry
Kevin Ducey

From the Factory in Wolfburg poetry
John Peck

Patience poetry
Laton Carter

Vengence; Calling poetry
John Hennessy

Waltz; Poem for a Woman You Never Knew poetry
Matt Bondurant

Elegy for Anthony Piccione poetry
Shane Seely

Letters of Blood poetry
Göran Printz-Påhlson

New Poem of Sappho poetry
Jesper Svenbro

The Centerfold; The Lover poetry
Jude Nutter

Jilted Lady, Gold-Haired Lover; Stabbing poetry
Trent Busch

The Bell Tolls story
Raymond Perreault & R.D. Skillings

Of Monarchs and Hope, and Epithalamion for Ivana
and Jason at their Reconvergence
Peter Michelsen

The Bluegrass Musician's Wife poetry
Emily Tipps

Rotations; Part of a Greyhound Bus Trip; Necropolis poetry
Jenny Cookson

It Comes Forth poetry
Wallis Wilde-Menozzi

The Habits of Rails poetry
Moira Linehan

Pimpernel; One Fabulous Bird poetry
Patricia Corbus

To Keep Herself from Me; Poem in Three Voices poetry
Dennis Hinrichsen

Amaranth Purple in the Cup; The Magic Angle poetry
Sarah Bowman

Fire Lizard poetry
Lon Young

From Messengers are birds and speak each letter
you and I say
Jenny Morse

Schwermer in Paris story
Jiri Wyatt

Compass poetry
John Kinsella

Toren van Babel; Antigone in Petrograd poetry
Robert Estep

Consolation Baptist Church poetry
Donald Platt

Blue Starred poetry
Diane Furtney

Two Lovers in an Abandoned Nuclear Missile Silo While,
Unknown to Them, Biochemical Terrorist Activity Destroys
America Above; The Art of Conquest
Ryan G. Van Cleave

Blindness; Foundlings poetry
Ciaran Berry

Short Shorts at Length

Brevity story
Deb Olin Unferth

Ransom story
Trevor Dodge

A without Q with/out Self story
Carol Novack

Blue Angelism story
Eckhard Gerdes

Wedded Words story
Kass Fleisher

Unpacking My Stuff; Base Recreation stories
Kim Chinquee

Prayer for a Sign of the Cross story
Paul Maliszewski

The Library at Alexandria; Woman in the Red Mask poetry
James Doyle

Slough; The Wisest of Virgins; 52 Tavistock Square, WC 1 poetry
Susanne Kort

Forecast poetry
Kristy Odelius

A PETA Georgics for Giulio Romano's Lady at Her Toilet;
Negative Capability at a Roman Subway Stop
Stephen Gibson

Divine; Cold War Phonetics; Special One Time
Limited Offer
Johnny Horton

Imagine the Hospital; Scene poetry
Rachel Richardson

Hölderlin's Garden poetry
Tim Kahl

Ivorybill poetry
K.E. Duffin

Suicide Notes poetry
James S. Proffitt

Expeditionary Love Sonnet;
Ian Harris

The Allerton Hotel, Chicago; Wrecking the Orpheum poetry
Drew Blanchard

On the Rue Mouffetard poetry
Lorrie Goldensohn

Clepsydra; Forestcaped Shore
Leo Jilk

Autobiography of Silence poetry
Henry Hart

The Song of Vashti; Fragment poetry
Jennifer Tonge

Godspeed; Thread poetry
Mike White

Natural History review
James Walton

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Poetry review
Robert Archambeau

Passaging is his Anchorage review
Igor Webb

Poets of Our Suffering review
James Matthew Wilson

Merwin's Prose review
Christopher Merrill

Stomping the Blues: Kevin Young and the New Idiom
of American Poetry
Ivy Wilson