Fall 2015 Registration Information

September 1 was the last date to add or drop classes on-line and to complete ND Roll Call.

The last day to drop a fall course is Friday, October 30. Students must create an eForm to drop a class no later than Wednesday, October 28. After this date, students must seek approval from their departmental advisor and their assistant/associate dean's office or undergraduate advising office.

Fall classes can be found on insideND. Variable credit hour information can be located in the Frequently Asked Questions document.

The web registration brochure is helpful for a quick registration overview of the new system. Please view the NOVO Registration Tutorial for a detailed explanation of Browse Classes and the new NOVO Registration system.

Read up on the Frequently Asked Questions document for any registration inquiries you may have.

Time Tickets
April 13 & 14 Seniors and Law
April 15 & 16 Juniors
April 17 Continuing Graduate School and Master of Non-Profit Admin.
April 20 & 21 Sophomores
April 22 Non-degree, students going to off-campus programs, and Rome ARCH
May 29 New Graduate students begin
August 20 Undergraduate Transfers
August 24 Employees and Undergraduate Readmits

Please note that the Hours of Instruction is a static document produced on 3/27/2015, and is not updated. Please view insideND for current course offerings.

Hours of Instruction - Fall 2015 classes

If you have any questions regarding student registration, please email novo@nd.edu.