Spring 2016 Registration Information

Spring 2016 class searches are available through insideND or Class Search.

The last day to use web registration, complete ND Roll Call, add a class, audit, pass/fail, and declare part-time status is January 19.

ND Roll Call began on January 6, 2016 through insideND. All students must complete ND Roll Call by January 19. If you do not complete ND Roll Call by January 19, your classes will be dropped from your schedule. Please contact the Office of the Registrar immediately, after January 19, if this has occurred.

Information was emailed to students on October 30, including a spring registration information sheet.

The web registration brochure is helpful for a quick registration overview of the new system. Please view the NOVO Registration Tutorial for a detailed explanation of Browse Classes and the new NOVO Registration system.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document for any registration inquiries you may have.

Please note that the Hours of Instruction is a static document produced on 10/27/15, and is not updated. Please view insideND for current course offerings beginning October 29.

Hours of Instruction - Spring 2016 classes

If you have any questions regarding student registration, please email novo@nd.edu.