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Energy transfer between benzene and toluene in the singlet states at 90^o@K.
Nakahara, A.; Koyanagi, M.; Murakami, Y.; Edamura, T.; Kanda, Y.
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 42(11): 3073-5 (1969)

696089; benzene; singlet states; temperature 78-273 K; luminescence; calculated data; energy transfer; toluene; photochemistry; emission spectra; rates, specific; wavelength 200-300 nm

Exciton migration in triplet states of pyrazine and deuterated pyrazines in the crystal.
Koyanagi, M.; Shigeoka, T.; Kanda, Y.
Molecular Luminescence, Lim, E.C. (ed.), W.A. Benjamin, Inc., New York, 1969, p.765-72
abstract: CHAB 71: 26357n

696136; pyrazines; deuterium compounds; crystalline; temperature 0-76 K; emission spectra; absorption spectra; lifetime; rates; triplet states; luminescence

The emission spectra of pyrazine and deuterated pyrazines in the vapor and in rigid matrices at 90^o@K.
Ishii, H.; Koyanagi, M.; Kanda, Y.
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 44(5): 1205-12 (1971)

716185; emission spectra; pyrazines; deuterium compounds; gas; solid; luminescence; temperature 78-273 K; vibrational states

Triplet state of benzaldehyde.
Koyanagi, M.; Goodman, L.
J. Phys. Chem. 55(6): 2959-76 (1971)

716191; triplet states; acetophenone-s; cycloalkanes-s; temperature 0-76 K; matrix effects; luminescence; benzaldehyde; emission spectra; esters-s; fluorocarbons-s; vibrational frequency; solid

Dynamics of photophysical processes in aromatic carbonyl compounds.
Goodman, L.; Koyanagi, M.
Mol. Photochem. 4(3): 369-415 (1972)

72E318; acetophenone; cycloalkanes-s; benzoic acid; temperature 0-76 K; glass, organic; phosphorescence; singlet states; nonbonding electrons; Jahn Teller effect; potential energy curves; benzaldehyde; lifetime; esters-s; temperature 77 K; mixed crystals; energy levels; vibrational states; excitation spectra; triplet states; gas; deuterium compounds

Absorption and emission spectra of the lowest triplet state in hexachloroacetone.
Koyanagi, M.; Goodman, L.
Chem. Phys. 5(1): 107-18 (1974)

746163; absorption spectra; ketones; Cl compounds, organic; temperature 0-76 K; luminescence; vibrational states; emission spectra; aliphatic; crystalline; triplet states; lifetime; Jahn Teller effect

Interstate interactions between T@1^ and T@2^ of benzaldehydes in crystalline matrices.
Koyanagi, M.; Higashi, K.; Kanda, Y.
Chem. Phys. Lett. 52(1): 184-6 (1977)

776508; crystalline; benzaldehyde; aldehydes; aromatics; modulation; polarization; mixed crystals; spin-vibronic coupling; emission spectra; temperature 0-76 K; alkylbenzenes; ethers; Stark effect; luminescence

Heat-pulse induced delayed phosphorescence (HIDP) of xanthone.
Terada, T.; Koyanagi, M.; Kanda, Y.
Chem. Phys. Lett. 72(3): 408-10 (1980)

80E297; delayed luminescence; modulation; aromatics; pentanes-s; temperature 0-76 K; decay curves; pulse techniques; phosphorescence; ketones; polycyclic; internal conversion; heating

Solvent effects on the intensities of forbidden bands of molecules. Absorption spectra of acetone and cyclopentanone.
Nakashima, K.; Uchida-Kai, K.; Koyanagi, M.; Kanda, Y.
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 55(2): 415-9 (1982)

82B018; solvent effects; forbidden transitions; absorption spectra; acetone; ketones; alicyclic; nonaqueous solution; singlet-singlet absorption; oscillator strength; correlations

Simulated T $E S spectra of benzaldehydes as a function of the energy gap between the ^3@$!$!^*@ and ^3@n$!^*@ levels.
Koyanagi, M.; Nakashima, K.
Chem. Phys. 90(3): 399-405 (1984)

84Y210; theoretical; absorption spectra; triplet-triplet absorption; benzaldehyde

Vibrational analysis of tangled spectra. I. The crystal phase T$ES spectra of acetophenone.
Nakashima, K.; Koyanagi, M.
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 58(7): 2000-8 (1985)
abstract: CHAB 103: 95438

85E432; crystalline; emission spectra; temperature 0-76 K; phosphorescence; acetophenone; excitation spectra; vibrational states

Oxygen effects on the fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra of benzil.
Miyata, K.; Nakashima, K.; Koyanagi, M.
Mem. Fac. Sci., Kyushu Univ., Ser. C 15(2): 153-60 (1986)
abstract: CHAB 105: 180852

86E680; fluorescence; oxygen; phosphorescence; quenching; benzil

Weak complex formation between pyrene and polar solvents.
Nakashima, K.; Koyanagi, M.
Photochem. Photobiol. 44(2): 169-73 (1986)

86M191; pyrene; dioxane-s; aromatics-s; equilibrium constant; nonaqueous solution; nitriles-s; methylene chloride-s; complexes; extinction coefficient

Direct evidence of photochemical $a-cleavage of benzoin in fluid solutions.
Koyanagi, M.; Futami, H.; Mukai, M.; Yamauchi, S.
Chem. Phys. Lett. 154(6): 577-80 (1989)

89D023; esr spectra; CIDEP; photolysis; nonaqueous solution; benzoin; g factor; hyperfine interaction

Phosphorescent state of p-fluorobenzaldehyde.
Uejoh, K.; Shimokozono, M.; Koyanagi, M.
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 63(9): 2665-71 (1990)

90E539; aldehydes; aromatics; F compounds, organic; phosphorescence; emission spectra; gas; solid; cycloalkanes-s; esters-s; temperature 0-76 K; temperature 274-300 K; lifetime

Heat-pulse modulated phosphorescence spectra of 9-xanthone at low temperature.
Koyanagi, M.; Terada, T.
J. Lumin. 48-49: 391-4 (1991)

91E160; phosphorescence; modulation; nonaqueous solution; temperature effects; temperature jump methods; energy levels; emission spectra; pentanes-s; temperature 0-76 K; lifetime; triplet states

A time-resolved EPR study on the photochemical $a-cleavage of benzoin and related molecules.
Mukai, M.; Yamauchi, S.; Hirota, N.; Koyanagi, M.; Futami, H.
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 65(6): 1679-84 (1992)

92D114; CIDEP; photolysis; ethers; nonaqueous solution; benzoin; hyperfine interaction

Benzyl radical formation and its fluorescence spectrum in toluene crystals at low temperature.
Uejoh, K.; Koyanagi, M.
Mem. Fac. Sci., Kyushu Univ., Ser. C 19(2): 105-8 (1994)
abstract: CHAB 121: 300354

94F385; photolysis; crystalline; toluene; temperature 77 K; benzyl radicals

Formation of the benzyl radical upon UV light irradiation of toluene in benzene at 4.2 K
Koyanagi, M.; Uejoh, K.
J. Lumin. 72-4: 511-512 (1997)


Self-assembly of porphyrin arrays by hydrogen bonding in the solid state: An orthogonal porphyrin-bisresorcinol system
Kobayashi, K.; Koyanagi, M.; Endo, K.; Masuda, H.; Aoyama, Y.
Chem.--Eur. J. 4(3): 417-424 (1998)


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