Notre Dame Vocation Initiative (NDVI)

Proclaiming the universal call to holiness, the Notre Dame Vocation Initiative creates opportunities to discover the theological meaning and personal significance of vocation, calling us to a lifelong response of faith.

Notre Dame Vision

Notre Dame Vision invites young people to explore God’s call in their lives, and to respond to that call with courage and faith through daily choices as well as lifelong commitments.

Notre Dame Vision CYM

Notre Dame Vision CYM engages high school, diocesan, and parish youth ministers in the dynamic of God’s call and our response, through theological exploration, stimulating discussion, and personal renewal, for the purpose of enriching the ministers themselves and the young people they serve.

“To whom and for whom do you wish to give your heart and your life? That is vocation.”

Sr. Catherine Bertrand, SSND

The Notre Dame Vocation Initiative, and subsequently the Notre Dame Vision and Notre Dame Vision CYM programs, are part of the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life. The two Notre Dame Vision programs are designed to foster a sense of vocation among a wide range of young people and their ministers, inviting them to become more aware of how they can live their whole lives as a response to a call from God.

Notre Dame Vision seeks to help young men and women realize, through their own faith experience, that the reality of every Christian vocation - lay, religious, or ordained - invites them in some particular way to live as committed disciples of Jesus Christ in a challenging world. Through the decisions they make every day as teenagers and young adults, they can participate in building the kingdom of God, and begin participating now in the fullness of life that Christ promises.

Notre Dame Vision CYM is an effort to support and help enrich the ministry of those who work with young people in the Church today. Through theological instruction, practical resourcing, and personal renewal, Notre Dame Vision CYM seeks to intensify the sense of vocation in the personal lives and professional  ministry of campus and youth ministers. This is done for the benefit of the ministers themselves, and for the young people with whom they work.

I learned what discipleship was and how it applies to my life. I obtained a deeper appreciation for the sacraments, and learned so much about God when I thought there couldn’t be anything else out there.

Vision Participant