Aimee Shelide, Assistant Director

Aimee joined the Institute for Church Life on July 1, 2010 in the capacity of Assistant Director for Recruitment and Outreach for Echo and Notre Dame Vision.  Aimee comes to Notre Dame, or rather comes back to Notre Dame, as a former Vision Mentor (2005) and “double domer,” having received her B.A. in French and Sociology in 2006, and an M.A. in Theology in 2008 as a member of the Echo program. 

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Aimee currently resides in the St. Peter Claver Catholic Worker Community in South Bend, where she continues to be active as a volunteer leader.  Immediately prior to her appointment at ICL, Aimee worked for the Catholic Peace Fellowship and the local Center for Peace and Nonviolence of St. Joseph County.

Concurrent with her service to Notre Dame Vision, Aimee serves the Echo program, which is also a component of the Institute for Church Life.  For Echo, Aimee oversee the recruitment and admission processes for this faith formation leadership program.  Echo commissions recent college graduates to serve Catholic parishes in a variety of catechetical ministries, while simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in theology. 

During the summers, Aimee will emcee the conferences for high school students with Notre Dame Vision.