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Christopher Baron, Classics, bio

Martin Bloomer, Classics, bio

Brian E. Daley SJ, Theology, bio

Stephen E. Gersh, Medieval Institute, bio

Vittorio G. Hosle, German and Russian Languages, and Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Studies, bio

Joseph Karbowski, Philosophy, bio

Sean Kelsey, Philosophy, bio

Mary Keys, Political Science, bio

Walter J. Nicgorski, Program of Liberal Studies, Concurrent appointment in Political Science, bio

David Kevin O'Connor, Philosophy, Concurrent appointment Classics, bio

Gretchen J. Reydams-Schils, Program of Liberal Studies, Concurrrent appointments in Philosophy and Theology, bio

Kenneth Sayre, Philosophy, bio

Christopher Shields, Philosophy, bio

Wiebke-Marie Stock, Program of Liberal Studies, bio

Isabelle Torrance, Classics, bio

Catherine Heldt Zuckert, Political Science, bio

Michael P. Zuckert, Political Science, bio












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