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Congratulations to Anne Peterson, who has been hired as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Utah.

Jeff Fisher has two recent publications: "Epictetus's Moral Epistemology" was published in 2014 in Epictetus: His Continuing Influence and Contemporary Relevance, ed. D. Gordon and D. Suits (Rochester, NY: RIT Press), and "Epictetus on the Epistemology of the Art of Living" is forthcoming in Apeiron.

Joshua Robinson has two articles forthcoming: "Dionysius against Proclus: the Apophatic Critique in Nicholas of Methone's Refutation of Proclus," and "Proclus as Heresiarch: Theological Polemic and Philosophical Commentary in Nicholas of Methone's Refutation of Proclus," both to be published in conference proceedings by DeGruyter.

Nathan Sawatzky presented his paper "Socrates' Proto-Liberal Feminism: Toward a Rereading of the Republic with a View to Necessity" at the Northeast Political Science Association Conference in Philadelphia in November 2013. Nathan presented an earlier draft of this paper to the "Ancient Circle" at Michigan State University in September.

Nathan Sawatzky's article entitled "Timaeus' Indifference to Education" appeared in Ancient Philosophy 33:2 (Fall 2013), 353-74.

Joshua Robinson presented papers on Nicholas of Methone and Proclus in Istanbul in December of 2012, in London and Cardiff in June 2013, in Baltimore in November 2013, and in Princeton in February 2014.

Anne Peterson presented her paper "Diversification in Aristotle's Metaphysics: Critiquing the Traditional View," at the Ancient Philosophy Society Conference hosted here at Notre Dame (April 2013).

Allison Murphy and Anik Stanbury both presented papers at the International Plato Society's "Plato's Moral Psychology" Conference in October 2012, hosted by the University of Michigan. Allison's paper was entitled "Human Desire and Philosophy." Anik's paper was entitled "Plotinus' Interpretation of Catharsis in the Phaedo and the Sophist."

Anik Stanbury presented a paper at the International Society of Neoplatonic Studies conference in Sardinia in June 2012. Her paper was entitled "Aristotle and Plotinus on Dialectic and the Principle of Non-Contradiction."

Jeff Fisher presented a paper entitled "Epictetus' Moral Epistemology" in April 2012 at the "Epictetus and Stoicism" conference hosted at RIT.


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