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The Event

The International Workshop and Conference on Network Science (NetSci07) brings together leading researchers, practitioners, and teachers in network science (including analysts, modeling experts, visualization specialists, and others) to foster interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. NetSci07 focuses on novel directions in network research, with applications ranging from biology to computer and information sciences, mathematics, social science and systems engineering. This conference will be placing more emphasis on biological networks and their modeling. In particular, talks and discussions will take place on genetic regulatory networks, gene transcription, protein interactions, protein folding networks, disease maps, metabolic networks and ecological networks.

The Workshop part of the event (May 20-21) will offer a series of longer lectures and tutorials, introducing tools and basic results from a variety of research areas of major interest for the study of complex networks. It aims to present basic experimental and theoretical developments, as well as educate the research community on standard network databases, tools, and computational resources.

The Conference part of the event (May 22-25) is dedicated to talks presenting the latest research in the field and their applications. Panels and demonstrations will be conducted to help promote discourse on the needs of education, industry, and funding for networks science.

The Venue

NetSci07 will be held at the New York Hall of Science, located in Queens, New York City for the period May 20-25. The New York Hall of Science is among the world's leading science centers and attendees will have the opportunity to see how visitors engage in understanding complex topics such as network science.


Zoltán Toroczkai
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
University of Notre Dame

Stephen M. Uzzo
Director of Technology
New York Hall of Science

Albert-László Barabási
Department of Physics
University of Notre Dame

Katy Börner
Associate Professor
School of Library and
Information Science
Indiana University

Marc Vidal
Associate Professor of Genetics
Harvard Medical School
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Advisory Committee

Eli Ben-Naim Los Alamos
Allon G. Percus Los Angeles/Los Alamos

Administrative Organizer

Suzanne S. Aleva
Administrative Organizer



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