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LINKED :_The_New_Science_of_Networks



Albert-László Barabási is the Emil T. Hofman Professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, and teaches and directs research on complex networks. His seminal and varied contributions have been featured and acclaimed in the media, including Nature (cover story), Science, Science News, the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, American Scientist, Discover, BusinessWeek, National Geographic, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and New Scientist. He has been interviewed by BBC Radio, NPR, CBS, NBC, and ABC News, CNN, and many other media outlets. Born and raised in Transylvania, he now lives in South Bend, Indiana.



  • At the beginning of the 21st century, a maverick group of scientists is discovering that all networks have a deep underlying order and operate according to simple but powerful rules. Knowledge of the structure and behavior of these networks illuminates everything from the vulnerability of economies to the ways that diseases are spread. In Linked, László Barabási takes us inside this unfolding network revolution. He traces the history of connected systems, beginning with Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler¡¯s first forays into graph theory in the late 1700s and culminating in biologists¡¯ development of cancer drugs based on a new understanding of cellular networks. Barabási introduces us to modern-day ¡°cartographers¡± who, aided by super-computers, are mapping networks in a variety of scientific disciplines. We find out why an obscure finding of Einstein¡¯s could change the way we look at the networks in our own lives, and even learn what it would take to bring down a terrorist organization like al Qaeda. Engaging and authoritative, Linked provides an exciting preview of the next century in science, guaranteed to be transformed by these amazing discoveries.
    -Publisher Description
  • The first book to explore the hot new science of networks and their impact on nature, business, medicine, and everyday life. In the 1980's, James Gleick's Chaos introduced the world to complexity. Now, Albert-László Barabási's Linked reveals the next major scientific leap: the study of networks. We've long suspected that we live in a small world, where everything is connected to everything else. Indeed, networks are pervasive?from the human brain to the Internet to the economy to our group of friends. These linkages, it turns out, aren't random. All networks, to the great surprise of scientists, have an underlying order and follow simple laws. Understanding the structure and behavior of these networks will help us do some amazing things, from designing the optimal organization of a firm to stopping a disease outbreak before it spreads catastrophically. In Linked, Barabási, a physicist whose work has revolutionized the study of networks, traces the development of this rapidly unfolding science and introduces us to the scientists carrying out this pioneering work. These "new cartographers" are mapping networks in a wide range of scientific disciplines, proving that social networks, corporations, and cells are more similar than they are different, and providing important new insights into the interconnected world around us. This knowledge, says Barabási, can shed light on the robustness of the Internet, the spread of fads and viruses, even the future of democracy. Engaging and authoritative, Linked provides an exciting preview of the next century in science, guaranteed to be transformed by these amazing discoveries.

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