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Network Databases

The aim of this page is to give access to the network topologies we have studied. We are in the process of expanding this database. Feel free to use these data in your research.

World-Wide-Web: [README] [DATA]
Réka Albert, Hawoong Jeong and Albert-László Barabási:
Diameter of the World Wide Web Nature 401, 130 (1999) [ PDF ]

Actor: [README] [DATA]
Albert-László Barabási, Réka Albert:
Emergence of scaling in random networks Science 286, 509 (1999) [ PDF ]

Celluar Network: [README] [Whole Cellular Network] [Metabolic Network Only]
Hawoong Jeong, Bálint Tombor, Réka Albert, Zoltán N. Oltvai and Albert-László Barabási:
The large-scale organization of metabolic networks Nature 407, 651 (2000) [ PDF ]

Protein Interaction Network: [README] [DATA for yeast]
Hawoong Jeong, Sean Mason, Albert-László Barabási and Zoltán N. Oltvai:
Centrality and lethality of protein networks Nature 411, 41 (2001) [ PDF ] [ Supplementary Material 1 & 2 ]

Enron Email Dataset
[ Website ]

Network Dynamic Data will be available soon!


Net Companies

Venture into Relationship Capitol (Sales & Marketing)

Word of Mouth Solutions (Job Seekers & Employers)
A place to meet new people or find old friends
 A way to connect people through networks of friends for dating or making new friends.
Business Networking
Google's Social Networking experiment
Your neighborhood's own internet connection

Research Groups


Network Workbench: A Tool for Network Scientists


Web Metrology and Information Retrieval

U. Aveiro

Group of  Complex Systems and Random Networks


Small-world phenomena

Boston Univ.

Complex Networks


Natural Networks

Notre Dame

ND Web Group


The Erdos Number Project


Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis 


CLEVER Project


Supernetworks at UMass


International Network for Social Network Analysis 

Semmelweis University

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