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Report of the Eighth Census Conference on Newborn ICU Design
Committee to Establish Recommended Standards for Newborn ICU Design
Robert D. White, MD, Chair
January 26, 2012 Clearwater Beach, FL
   September 18, 2012
Standard 16 - Family Support Space

Space shall be provided in or immediately adjacent to the NICU for the following functions: family lounge area, lockable storage, telephone(s), and toilet facilities.

Separate, dedicated rooms shall also be provided for lactation support and consultation in or immediately adjacent to the NICU. A family library or education area shall be provided within the hospital. Access to the Internet and educational materials shall be provided via a computer station in the family lounge or at the infant's bedside.

Interpretation: Family Lounge Area: This should include comfortable and moveable seating, as well as a play area stocked with entertainment materials for children. A nourishment area should also be considered, as well as external windows or skylights.

Lockable Storage: Secure storage for personal items should be provided at each infant space.

Lactation Support: Comfortable seating, a handwashing sink, and a means of communication to the NICU should be provided.

Family Education Area: This should include publications, audiovisual resources, and Internet access so that families can learn about health conditions, child development, parenting issues, and parent-to-parent support. This area might also include space and supplies to learn about and practice caregiving techniques.

Telephones: Telephones should be provided that offer privacy and that enable an individual to sit down while talking.

Consultation Room: This should include comfortable seating and allow complete visual and acoustic privacy.


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