Off Campus Housing

Rooms will be double or triple occupancy.  All dorms at ND are either male or female, no co-ed.   Each room has a desk, bed, pillow, and dresser per student.  The program will provide one large fan for each room upon request.  Bathrooms are shared per hallway.  You will need to bring sheets, towels, and any amenities you usually have in your college dorm room.

Contact information:

  1. BulletSummer Research at ND (including housing link)

Campus Housing

There are numerous apartment complexes near campus.  We can put you in touch with students from each complex to provide a first-hand account of living conditions in these facilities.

Also, the links below provide University-sanctioned information about finding a place to live and a roommate.

Contact information:

  1. BulletOff-Campus Housing opportunities

Castle Point Apartments

Off Campus Housing Pix

Clover Ridge Apartments

Turtle Creek Apartments

Note from the Directors Regarding Housing: 

This year there will be an air-conditioned dorm available for all students participating in NSF-REU projects across campus.

Summer Parking:  

You will be able to park in the lab lot for free during the duration of the summer program.   At this time, parking for all students registered in a summer program is $42....however the Summer Session has been know to change rules with little/no notification, so this situation might change by May.